This is where you will find a copy of any recently handed out letters, so if your child has lost a letter please print it out and return it.

Barry Island trip letter

KS2 book launch


Dance Club Terms 3 and 4 2018

Clubs Term 3 and 4 2018

Blank Questionnaire for Parents 2017-

Music letter.pdf April 2017

Clubs Term 5 and 6 2017

MONEY LETTER – Terms 5 and 6 2017

In the net – March 2017

Y3 and Y4 Hartpury College – March 2017

Clubs Terms 3 -4  Clubs 2017

Parent’s evening March 17

Little Dormice and Dormice Christmas Trip

Little Dormice letter re emailing November 16

Christmas play letters 2016

Little Dormice and Dormice Christmas Play

Fallow Deer and Wild Boars Christmas play 2016

Woodpeckers and Red Squirrels Christmas play

Dormice Trip.July 17

Little Dormice Trip July 17

Woodpeckers  and Red Squirrels trip July 17