Special Educational Needs

For most children, their needs can be empowered through the range of teaching and learning opportunities we offer to all children. This is referred to as universal provision and is achieved through Woodside’s engaging and relevant spiral curriculum. For some children, targeted intervention in specific areas will equip them to succeed within the curriculum. For a few children a specialised level of teaching and learning, which may include an adaptation of the curriculum, will enable them to achieve their potential.

Our Aims: 

· Ensure the rights of every child to access the fullness of life at Woodside 

· Empower learning through a wide range of learning opportunities, strategies and approaches.  

· Ensure the diverse needs of all children are identified early. 

· Ensure early intervention to meet specific needs  

· Ensure the positive well-being of children is central to their life at Woodside. 

· Empower every child to develop the resilience and stamina needed for their next phase of development. 

· Equip every child with the skills and understanding needed to become lifelong learners. 

· Ensure transparency in decision-making and resource allocation. 

· Continually review and seek to improve our practice. 

Additional Needs (SEN) Policy

Additional Needs report