Click below for a summary of 2021-22 outcomes. Well done to everyone involved as it is brilliant that children have achieved so well, despite all the Covid disruption! Although it is not a requirement to publish data due to Covid, we are proud to share these results with you.

OUTCOMES July 2022 W overview with national comparators (2)

Due to Covid-19, the national assessment requirements changed and in the summer of 2020 and 2021, KS1 and KS2 SAT tests did not take place.

schools are required to display performance measures from 2018-19:

Year 6 Key performance indicators (due to our cohort sizes, each child represents 6%)


Test results-school 2019 Test results-National 2018 Progress Scores
Reading 81% 75% 1
Writing 69% 78% -1.3
Maths 69% 76% -2.3

National progress scores range from -13 to 13

Across the school Please click here for key information:

Assessment summary FINAL 2018-19

We are delighted with the results across the school and these are testament to the children’s good learning attitudes, dedication of the staff and support of parents and Governors. This year’s Key Stage Two results are the best for four years. Well done everyone!

Please note that online Government performance tables are based on end of key stage two results with very small numbers of children so they fluctuate widely from year to year, depending on the cohort. For example, the school performance tables for 2016-17 are based on a cohort of 14 children, where 43% of the children had additional needs and each child counts as 7% of the figures. The 2017-18 data is based on 16 children, where 25% of the children had additional needs, 25% were at ’cause for concern’ status; 38% were disadvantaged and each child counts as 6% of the figures.


The Government’s online performance tables have been updated. Click here to view our school’s data.