Science and healthy eating

Science and healthy lifestyles

We have a focus in Science on healthy lifestyles and healthy eating at the moment. Caterlink, who provide our school dinners, are supporting this by doing a whole school assembly this week and workshops with KS2 children. We are reminding children about ‘Five a Day’ and this has tied in well with our Harvest songs!

The government has produced new guidance about food, called the Eatwell Guide, which you will find accompanying this newsletter. The full booklet can be seen by clicking the links below and is available at school if anyone would like to request a copy. The booklet includes a guide for parents to daily calorie intake for children of different ages.

Caterlink was chosen by GCC as the main school catering provider as they ensure that all meals are nutritionally balanced. Lots of children bring healthy lunches from home which is encouraged too. Please limit the amount of chocolate bars, biscuits and crisps (some children bring five or six items like this for lunch). Please support our break time snack rule about having fruit or vegetable sticks.

Thank you

Eatwell Guide picture

Eatwell Guide booklet