Hello Dormice! Here are some ideas to keep you busy if you’d like!

Suggested Home Learning Activities for Dormice class- Reception

WB 21/4/20 and 27/4/20

Suggested activities to do at home. Many of you have asked for guidance on what you could do at home. This is just a suggestion, I am not expecting every child will do this and will not be checking!

As the term continues I will update some of these areas.


Phonics is taught daily for 15mins in school. During the summer time we don’t teach any new sounds but revise all the sounds that we have learnt so that those sounds are consolidated in your child’s knowledge.

If you want to, you could practice every sound from set 1-10 every day by flashing them up or looking at and encouraging your child to say the sound on the sound hunt video I posted in Tapestry before the Easter holidays.

set 1 s a t p

set 2 i n m d

set 3 g o c k

set 4 ck e u r

set 5 h b f,  ff   l,  ll  ss

set 6 j v w x

set 7 y z, zz  qu

set 8 ch sh th ng

set 9 ai ee igh oa oo

set 10 ar or ur ow oi

set 11 ear air ure er

I will every few weeks highlight the sounds you could practice with at home.

Over the next 2 weeks you could reinforce all the phonemes introduced. (1 a day) ch sh th ng ai ee    igh oa oo ar or

Practise reading and spelling tricky words: the, to, no, go, I

Bitesize learning is a good place to find support for phonics. You will have to look at Year 1_ English-Phonics. (Phase 2 and 3)


Try to practice reading every day and you could record it in your child’s reading record book.

Teach your Monster to Read: I have created a Teach your Monster to Read class account where I can track your child’s development. You will soon receive an email with details.

Other resources:

Oxford Owl has got free electronic books online.

Log in to Oxford Owl Class Login to access e-books

Class 1

Username: dormice123

Password: WoodsideD1


You could use this Mavis The Magical Cat resource in reception and Sidney Spider in year one

Children are expected to write simple sentences at the end of reception. Here are a few examples of children who have reached the Early Learning Goal in writing.


If you don’t want to use the above resource just use books you have at home or write about what activities you have done that day. You could help your child write letters, messages, notes, stories etc. One top tip, have a fairy or friendly monster move into your garden/house and start sending messages to your child from that character. Your child could write back to them!


We use ‘White Rose Maths’ to teach maths in our school. To find daily lessons and activities log on to…

White Rose Maths Early Years

White Rose Maths Year 1 home learning

Physical Development

I have already seen many of you are completing Joe Wicks PE lessons. 30 mins at 9am every day, with your family.

Keepie uppies are always fun. Challenge yourself!

Throw a ball into the air or against a wall and add claps. Challenge yourself!

You could also have a go at doh disco especially if your child finds using a pencils difficult. It helps to strengthen the muscles used in writing.

As I said above, these are just suggestions for those of you who asked. Please do not feel pressured to do all/any of them. As long as your child is safe and happy that is all that matters.

If you would like to contact me, we now have a class email for this lockdown period only.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Fawkes


Other Home Learning ideas for Y1 and Y2: