New snow plan


This snow plan takes into account Covid-19 regulations, requiring bubbles to remain separate.  It will be put in place if the playground has to remain closed due to snow.

In the event of this snow plan being put in place, messages will be put in the pop up box on the front of the website and on the app by 7:15 am to tell you.

Dormice and Little Dormice will enter through their gate as normal; Fallow Deer, Woodpeckers and Red Squirrels will enter through the front door at these times: 

8:50 am Red Squirrels and their younger siblings (front door)

9:00 am Woodpeckers and their younger siblings (front door)

9:10 am Fallow Deer and their younger siblings (front door)

9:20 am Dormice and Little Dormice (usual class gate)


On rare occasions we have altered our snow plan to have a later start (eg staggered from 10am) but this would be communicated to you, again by 7:15am.

We rarely close entirely but as the safety of children and staff is paramount, decisions are made depending on the day’s conditions, weather forecast and numbers of staff who can travel in.


If the yard is shut at the end of the day due to snow, here are the collection times: 

2:40 pm Dormice and Little Dormice (usual class gate) and siblings

2.50 pm Red Squirrels and siblings (front door)

3:00 pm Woodpeckers and siblings (front door)

3:10 pm Fallow Deer and siblings (front door) 

So, if it snows please check the website or app from 7:15 am onwards for information about this snow plan. Please avoid phoning in if possible as staff will be preparing to help children in.

 Fingers crossed for snow at weekends only!