Dropping off and collecting

Good morning all,

Dropping off

There is a bit of congestion at the gates in the morning as the gates are opened for all to enter at a specific time and this will increase next week as all year groups will be in.

Therefore, the gates will be opened approximately five minutes before and after your allotted time to allow children to enter the playground and line up. Please adhere to social distancing expectations and drop off and leave promptly, allowing other parents space to do the same.

Collection time 

To reduce congestion for parents waiting at the end of the day, the playground gate will be opened just before 3pm for KS2 parents to enter the playground and wait at the far end of the yard (socially distanced) for their child to be handed over, as before lockdown. To minimise congestion, please leave promptly with your child. Fallow Deer parents please enter the yard just before 3:10pm to wait (socially distanced) for your child to be handed over.

Please wear a face covering when coming on to the site

Our priority is children’s health and safety at school and we cannot be responsible for parents adhering to social distancing measures. Thank you for your co-operation and please contact us with any feedback about school’s arrangements.

Stay safe, be kind.