Dear Parents and Carers                                                                                            20.03.20

Further information was released during the night regarding definitions of key workers and rules around this.  Schools are awaiting further guidance from the Local Authority and I will communicate further with you today. This is not an ideal situation for those of you who are trying to plan, I realise that.

The key messages remain the same as in the letter sent out yesterday:

In order to comply with the social distancing directive, we will provide a skeleton staff for as long as we are able, to care for children where all other options for child care has been exhausted and school care is the only option. Also, your child can only be at school during school hours on the days when you are at work.

Please be assured that all staff are absolutely committed to providing care and support for your children and families in these difficult times and we are sorry we cannot accommodate all children. Restricting access to the school site goes against our natures, but we are all being asked to do our bit in helping reduce the spread of the virus.

Thank you for your understanding and if we do not see your family again for an extended period, we all wish you all the very best.

Please wait for further information from school. We would appreciate it very much if you could avoid phoning in this morning with queries. Please email head@woodside.gloucs.sch.uk  if you have read the list and think you are eligible so we can start to estimate numbers afresh today.

With best wishes,

Mrs Davis