Coronavirus message 13.03.20

Dear families,

We appreciate that lots of families are worried about coronavirus and so please phone us if you have any queries that we can help with. Please be reassured that extra hygiene is prominent at school regarding use and disposal of tissues, handwashing etc and we are doing all we can to minimise risk. We have not had any confirmation that children have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive and we are following all guidelines and Government advice. Schools are having daily updates from the DfE and we will keep you updated with any changes. The advice over the last two weeks has remained the same in terms of promoting more frequent hygiene routines.

Due to the announcement yesterday, we ask you to be vigilant and if your child has a new cough or fever, please keep them off school for seven days. Please follow this advice to minimise risk to others. We will contact you if your child develops any symptoms during the school day so that you can come and collect. Your support is very much appreciated, as always.

In the event of school closure, we will put more links to educational resources on our website for the children and provide ideas for activities.

As always, please phone or come in to speak to us if you have any concerns. Please keep an eye on this section of the website as any updates will be posted here and the link will be copied to the app. Paper copies will be sent out to those who have asked to remain on the paper copy list.

In the meantime we are making sure that school is normal for the children and they are having a great day today dressed in sports clothes for Sport Relief! Thank you for supporting this as it was short notice, and thank you for sending in loose change for the charity.  Children are enjoying extra play ground resources at the moment too, so they are even more active than usual!

Best wishes,

Mrs Davis