Warwickshire Railway – Back in time we go!!!

ww21Years 3,4, and 5 visted the Gloucestershire Railway as part of their World War 2 history topic on Thursday 9th July.

Many fun activities awaited for them as they were transported back to the 1940s

The children were treated as real evacuees, who met their billeting officer and new teacher, exploring a range of artefacts from World War 2.

The children also took part in fire training, where they had to work as a team to pump the water, fetch water and aim at a target.

They experienced an air raid where they gathered in a blacked out communal shelter, when bombs were going off.

They were lucky enough to meet Fred and Stella, real life evacuees, who shared their memories.

The children were then evacuated to the countryside on a steam train. They took part in singing songs such as ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ ‘Run Rabbit, Run’, and ‘Pack up your troubles’.

A spy entered the train and Miss Waugh and Miss Abbott took part in a citizen’s arrest.

We then enjoyed ice-creams before coming home.

Thank you to all of the children who were super well behaved and all of the members of staff who accompanied them.