Fallow Deer

Dear Fallow Deer,
Mrs Oliver and I hope you and your families are well!
We both hope you have been enjoying the sunshine and making the most of being at home.  It’s good that some of you have been doing some home learning. This is going to help you for when school re-opens.  Mrs Oliver and I wanted to give you some fun ideas to try and home. I’ve put a list below and added some photos to help you see what I mean.  If you could send us photos back we would love that.  Our class email is
Love Mrs Jeavons
1.  Use twigs to tie together to make your initials and then wrap them in any thread/string/fabric or wool you may have around the house.  They make great decorations.
2.  Make a Bug Home – use bricks/rocks/pallets/bits of wood/garden canes and build a home where lots of the bugs in your garden can make their homes – be sure to be quiet when you’re looking for them once you’ve built it.
3. Make a nightlight using a jam jar and battery lights.  Wrap it in card with patterns cut out, maybe paint the jar with glass paint if you have any or decorate with silver/gold stars.
4. Do some baking! There are plenty of great simple recipes online and it’s good fun to do together.
5. Make cards or write letters to your family and friends telling them how much you miss them and tell them what you’ve been up to.
6.  Enjoy a treasure hunt in your garden.  We did an Easter Egg one but yours can be based on anything you want.
7. Make clay coasters/plates – collect gems/shells/pebbles etc and once rolled out push them down into the clay.  Wait for the clay to dry and then PVA it.  Other option is to use an old tile/piece of wood, put a thick layer of grout and then push the decorative bits and pieces in it. Makes a great piece of Art.
8. Set up a play tent/make a tent where you can play, read, write in the garden or in the house.  Use blankets and cushions to make it cosy.
9.  www.robinhoodmat.co.uk – follow the learning projects for parents and there are lot of ideas
Click here for photos of activities: Fallow Deer activity photos
Other Home Learning ideas for Y1 and Y2:

Fancy writing a story? Look for an amazing image and ideas on Pobble to get you started: https://www.pobble365.com/

Marvellous maths activities!   https://www.mathematicsmastery.org/free-resources

Summer term’s topic is FLIGHT so try and find out what you can about different forms of flight travel and famous pilots!