In the event of snow…

In the event of snow…

For some parents, a school being shut is a nightmare due to work commitments; for others when we have dug out the footpath and opened under difficult weather conditions children are not brought in as they want to play in the snow. I completely understand that not everyone will agree with the decision to shut or remain open but a lot of factors are taken into consideration and the following should help with initial queries:

As we are right by a road and only need access to the front door, the logic is that as long as the road is open and enough staff can get in, school can open. School cannot be responsible for your decision of whether to travel or not but there is an expectation that if our road (which is one of the worst-and last to be gritted) is open, children should be able to get in from Cinderford, Coleford and the surrounding villages.

School will shut if the road is inaccessible or not enough staff cannot get in from where they live (due to child:adult ration for safety reasons). On occasion, we have opened later (eg 10am) to allow for roads to improve and travel to be safer.

How will you know?

As early as possible on the day of snow (or the night before if there is already snow and ice on the ground or sever weather warning) a message will be on our website and on ourschoolsapp. You can also check GCC’s website which has changed to:  or local radio stations. Assume we are open unless a message is posted, please.