Home learning

27.03.20 update: For individual KS2 log in details and passwords, please check children’s book bags/reading records and email Mrs Matthews at gmatthews@woodside.gloucs.sch.uk if your child doesn’t know.

My Maths-all KS2 children have individual log ins and work has been assigned to their account if you want them to do it. The general log in details for all children at Woodside is in the hyperlink below.

Times Table Rockstars-as above

Cyber Coach-free physical activities and French for all ages! Log in at www.cyber-smart.co.uk The login is mwaugh@woodside.gloucs.sch.uk and the password is gl179xp (school’s postcode all lower case with no space)

Emile-This is a great learning platform that is currently free for a month due to the circumstances. All KS2 children have individual log-ins (see note above). Go to www.emile-education.com then go to login, then pupil login, then choose a subject from the left hand side for the games or click assignments for class homework.

Please note that the website can not be accessed when we are uploading information.

You could make use of these ideas where practical:

1. Science projects, art ideas and much, much more!

2. The DfE ‘Activity Passport’ is a resource suggesting ideas that children can do at some point in each academic year; some of the activities can be done inside, so it might be useful for you.


3. My Maths is an online tool we subscribe to. Click here for details:

My Maths

4. Reading and writing

Encourage your child to read frequently and at length. Check comprehension of story lines and explain new vocabulary. Your child could:

-rewrite the story/part of the story in their own words remembering to use the correct punctuation and checking their spelling

-write a book review-what did they like/who would they recommend it to/what was the best part/draw a part of the action etc

-draw and write a character description of one of the characters

-write part of the story as a newspaper report

-write a letter to one of the characters

5. Continue learning about their school topic or start a brand new one of their choice. Collect ideas, information, drawings etc to make a folder/scrapbook; make a model related to their topic etc

6. If schools are told to shut we will publish access free resources here too, as some on line education companies are offering free month subscriptions due to the circumstances. If schools are told to shut, this list will be added to.

7. We have KS2 maths and reading comprehension text books at school which we can lend out. If your child is already off, please pop in to school to collect one if you wish.

8. Practice joined hand writing

9. Practice times tables

10. Extra ideas All year group learning ideas