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We offer the full statutory Primary National Curriculum, embracing every opportunity to provide additional fun and challenging activities for all children to enjoy. We value school life being about developing the ‘whole’ child and working closely with families. We offer enrichment activities such as themed weeks, after school clubs and online resources to help with children’s learning at home.

At Woodside School, we promote British Values and uphold our School Values of determination, respect, friendship, tolerance, self-belief and courage. We live and work in a beautiful part of England with a rich history and this is reflected in our curriculum. We have close links with our secondary schools and appreciate the activities they offer to our children, such as inter-school sport tournaments and transition activities. Regarding teaching a foreign language, we have chosen to teach French, as most of our secondary schools offer this language in year seven.

We are proud to be twinned with Wei Primary School in Kenya and this has enriched our opportunities for international awareness and learning.

Please look in the ‘Curriculum Maps’ tab for more details about curiculum coverage in each key stage.

Our PSHE Curriculum (Personal, Social and Health Education) and Safeguarding Curriculum overviews can be seen below:

EYFS PSHE and Safeguarding curriculum overview

KS1 PSHE and Safeguarding curriculum overview

Lower KS2 PSHE and Safeguarding curriculum overview

Upper KS2 PSHE and Safeguarding curriculum overview

Information about Gloucestershire’s Agreed Religious Education Syllabus 

There are useful links to the National Curriculum and coverage for each group below:

Primary National Curriculum from Sept 2014

Curriculum Overview for Years 1-6

Parents’ Complete Guide to the National Curriculum

Calculation Policy-Maths 2017